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Welcome to the NEW revised Naace Self-review Framework (SRF)

ISO 9001

NAACE achieved in December 2021 certification to ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, for the NAACEMARK awards process including self-review, award application, assessment, feedback report and award.

New Content in the SRF

During the late autumn of 2020 we made some changes to the content of the SRF. This was to reflect the changes in practice in schools since the last update in 2018. How the system works hasn't changed so it will look the same as before the changes to the content. Some aspects have moved to different sections of the system and we have transferred all your data to the right section in the new content. We have also created a PDF document of all your original data that can be downloaded from a number of points on the system. This will allow you to check that all your information is in place. The major change is that Element 5, Professional Development is much shorter than in previous editions. Your data for the parts of Element 5 no longer required are in the downloadable PDF (mentioned above), so that if you wish to use it in other Elements, you are able to copy and paste it from the PDF. A series of documents showing the changes are available on the Naace website

Don't forget to use the guidance for each Element and Aspect

When you are working on your SRF you will find helpful guidance on the right hand side of the screen in a box labelled Related Information. You can find out more about the aspect; check out suggested sources of evidence for your NaaceMark assessment; and see suggested action points for developing your practice in this area.

Not used the SRF before or no longer have an account?

Then you are in the right place! Just click on the Register button and follow the steps to give your school access to both the Naace Membership site and the SRF online tool. An annual subscription costs no more than £100.

Renewing your account

If you are a current user of the SRF online tool and your account has expired your School Administrator must login to this site within 30 days of expiry and renew your subscription. Click on the Renew Account button to see the different options available. There's a video walk-through of the process here.

If your account is not renewed within 30 days of its expiry, then your data will have been archived for a limited time. Your School Administrator can still login and re-instate the account and its data for an additional fee or delete the account and all data associated with it (your data is automatically downloaded when this is done). If you wish to set-up a new school account (with no data) and so avoid the additional fee, your previous account must be deleted before you can do so.

Want further help?

You will find further information on the FAQs page, but if you have further questions or want to discuss your school's needs, you can contact Naace, either via this contact form.

More information on how schools have used the SRF can be found on the Naace website.


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