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This site is for schools with an existing Self Review Framework (SRF) created prior to September 1st 2018.


If you have been gathering data and evidence in this Tool to prepare for assessment for the ICT Mark, please note that ALL assessments form 1 September 2019 onwards will be carried out against the NEW SRF Tool ONLY. You can log in to the new Tool at naacesrf.co.uk using your existing User Name and Password. A guidance document to help you transfer your data and evidence to the new Tool is available by emailing office@naace.org.uk with the title: SRF Transfer Guidance. The document is also available to download from the new Naace website - naace.org.uk.

Image credit: Melanie Holtsman under Creative Commons LicenceRenewing your account

If you are a present user of the SRF online tool and your account has expired your School Administrator must re-register and take out a new subscription on the new website: Register on the new website.

Your School Administrator can still login to this site for a limited time and your data can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Schools presently preparing or undergoing assessment.

If you are presently undergoing ICT Mark assessment, or in the advanced stage of preparing to apply for your assessment, then you can still continue to login and use this site up until July 2019. If your subscription to the SRF expires in the intervening period, then we will extend it to the cut-off date. However you must request an ICT Mark assessment before the end of June 2019.

Schools who have completed the SRF but not requested an ICT Mark assessment yet.

Remain on this site and request an assessment as soon as possible but definitely before the end of June 2019.

Schools who have completed their ICT Mark assessment two years ago and will renew in 2019.

Although you are encouraged to switch to the new site and start engaging with the 2018 SRF, if you book your renewal assessment before April 2019, you can still undertake the assessment using this SRF. If you are two years away from renewal, you need to switch to the new 2018 SRF.

Schools who have an unexpired account and are some way off requesting an assessment.

You are encouraged to switch to the 2018 SRF.

New to the SRF

Sign up for an account on the new site right now! Just Register on the new site and you will have instant access to the online tool. An annual subscription costs no more than £50.

The NEW SRF website can be found here: naacesrf.co.uk.

If you have any questions you can contact Naace, via this contact form.

More information on how schools have used the SRF can be found on the Naace website.