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Finding your URN, SEED or DE number

The home countries have different numbering systems for schools. These numbers were used to identify your school on the old Becta database. It is important you give us the correct number so we can identify you.

English and Welsh Schools

English schools are usually 6 digits beginning with a 1 but this can vary. Welsh schools are usually 6 digits beginning with a 4. NB: (These numbers are not the same as your LA and Establishment Number.)

You can look up your school's URN by searching for your school on the Department of Education website. The URN is found on the summary screen:

Use this link to find your URN: Find your URN

Scottish Schools

Scottish Schools are allocated a SEED number, usually 7 digits

To find your SEED use the following website: Find your SEED

Northern Ireland Schools

Schools in Northern Ireland have a DE number, it is usually made up of 3 digits and 4 digits separated by a dash).

Look up your school DE number here: Find your DE number


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